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Thank you for your interest! If you would like to receive a Free Rent Quote at no obligation, please complete the online form below and we will respond with your rent quote before the end of the business day!


Our average placement time is typically less than 30 days!


The information provided below will help us generate a rent quote for your home based on current rentals in the surrounding area.

At this time, we only rent and manage properties located in Elk Grove, California.  If your property is within the City of Elk Grove, please fill out and submit the form below for your Free Rent Quote!

  • Average Placements in 30 Days or Less!

  • Lowest Vacancies | Highest Returns

  • Thorough Tenant Screening Process

  • Affordable Repairs with ZERO Mark ups

  • Easy Flat Rate Structure | No Hidden Fees

  • Direct Deposits | Emailed Statements

  • Exceptional Service and Great Peace of Mind!                                                                  

  • Give us a call today! (916) 835-7482

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